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My MMG Health

My MMG Health is now one portal for all your MMG doctors. You can also securely communicate with us between visits for NON-URGENT issues and questions. You can even download and securely transmit a summary of your medical record to other web-based applications and providers of care.

  • View Records - You can view your current medications, medication allergies, and medical problems. The medical problems listed may be limited to only those problems for which we are providing care.
  • View Appointments - You can view summaries of past visits that we may have posted and also view details (i.e. date, time, type of visit) for upcoming appointments.
  • View Results - Once your doctor reviews your lab or test results, we will post these results, along with a personal note from your doctor about the results to your account. You will be able to acknowledge your review of the results through the portal.
  • Review Educational Materials - We may post educational materials about your condition to your account. This may be links to a website, documents to read, or even videos to watch. These resources will help you better understand your condition.
  • Send/Receive Secure Messaging - The portal allows you to securely communicate with our office. This is NOT necessarily a message sent directly to your doctor, but potentially may be screened and routed by our nurses and administrative staff.
  • Generate Health Records -This function will enable you to generate a summary of your medical record in a secure format. This summary record can then be downloaded or transmitted to another provider.


  1. Acceptance & Email Address: Provide us with your name, date of birth, and the email address you wish to use in conjunction with account.
  2. Portal Activation: Our staff will activate your account in your patient record within our electronic medical records software.
  3. Welcome Email: Our system will automatically send a welcome email to the email address you provided us. Please note that some email systems may a) reject the email or b) direct it to your spam or junk email folder. The welcome email will include a hyperlink to the portal address and a temporary password that will be needed for you to initially gain access to the portal.
  4. Portal Access: Clicking the portal access URL in the welcome email, or by clicking the portal link below, will bring you to the login page.

If you are having trouble logging on to the portal, please contact your physician's office.

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